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Most Popular Technology For Beauty Salons

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Kmslaser offers high quality beauty machines with competitive price, effectiveness, and safety. With products directly supplied by our factory, there is no hidden charges, no commission and no middle profits.

  • IPL Technology-Beauty Equipment


    Kmslaser is able to provide an IPL machine with versatile platform. It can offer treatments for multiple applications via different probes without you having to invest money in several machines.

  • Hydrafacial Technology-Beauty Equipment


    4 in 1 hydrafacial machine we made in-house to cut your cost, and your customers will love its convenience and benefit from its professional skincare in a time-frame that suits their hectic modern lifestyle.

  • Pressotheraphy Technology-Beauty Equipment


    Unlike other factories, our enginners have facility to combine different kinds of technology, including air pressure, far infrared heating, electro stimulation etc. into one machine to cover your clients' needs.

  • Shockwave Therapy Technology-Beauty Equipment

    Shockwave Therapy Technology

    Kmslaser can offer a non-invasive treatment solution, shockwave therapy, for long term insertion and soft tissue pathologies. It also makes a huge progress in urological treatment.


Please contact us to learn more about your business model and how beauty machine can grow your business.

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Permium Production In House

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At Kmslaser, we have 4 production workshops where our expericenced workers manufacture each types of your product under our strict quality control. Our skillful QC team will also ensure all the functions meeting your requirements. We believe all your machine can be exceed your expectations.


Maximize Your Profitability

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  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    All businesses are provided with an equal opportunity to invest in the latest, whether you are a small start-up business with a limited budget or a large, multi-salon company.

  • Flexible Customization

    Customize and create new products allowing each customers have its own bussiness products and get your machine's instructions .

  • Quality Optimization

    We offer 24 months of warranty on all our products. Follow after sales directly on the web-based platform and offer comprehensive training.

What Our Clients Say

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Our Client-Ana Luisa

Ana Luisa

Outstanding seller 5 stars, high equipment, quality! the best communication, total commitment, delivery times, always on time, the best shopping experience in china

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Our Client-Lana


Great customer service. quick response. very professional. Thanks

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Our Client-Lorena


I am happy with this machines it’s very good quality this my second time dealing with this supplier They are so helpful and they offer after sale advice.

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Our Client-Silvia



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